Friday, October 29, 2010

New Investment

I have been a follower of Mebane Faber's blog World Beta for a while. Mebane is chief investment officer at Cambria Investment Management. Their main approach is an investment portfolio diversified across asset classes with timing in and out of these assets and cash. Mebane's paper on the basic model is one of the most downloaded papers from SSRN. Up till now you needed to have a lot of money to invest with them. But on Tuesday they launched a managed ETF with the ticker GTAA that implements a version of the strategy. I invested $US10k. Yeah, I got paid for my work trip to Sweden and chose to be paid in US Dollars due to the high current price of the Australian Dollar. I'll classify this fund as a diversified fund rather than a hedge fund as I only classify funds which have short positions as hedge funds. But it definitely falls in the category of "alpha investments".


Anonymous said...

how did you buys this ETF in Australia??

mOOm said...

I bought through my account with Interactive Brokers. So the commission was only USD2. They'll open an account for anyone in Australia and you can trade Australian stocks too. Or you probably could buy it via CommSec's US trading service though your commission would be VERY high.