Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Thai Food

The main venues to eat out in Bangkok are in waitered restaurants, food courts in malls, and in the street. Upscale malls might have waiters in their food courts too and the food is mostly foreign. We went to a Korean restaurant in the Emporium Mall. The best Thai food we had was at a restaurant called Justharos which was near Siam Square. This restaurant caters mainly to Thais. This is their green curry:

Compared to the usual green curry you are served in western countries it is very much more like a soup. All the food we ordered there was really good. Another restaurant we went to is called "Cabbages and Condoms". This place caters mainly to foreigners and groups. The appetizer we ordered there was good:

Apparently it is a classic dish involving betel leaves wrapping some crunchy contents with a lemongrass flavor and a sweet sauce including sesame and coconut. You can also add chilis if you want. But there was plenty of chili in the papaya salad we ordered so we gave those a miss! The food we ordered at the food court at the Platinum Fashion Mall - a discount clothing mall was also pretty good and very cheap. Dishes typically were priced at 45 Baht ($1.50). At Justharos a dish was around 120 ($4) Baht and at Cabbages and Condoms about 200 ($7) was average. Even the latter is cheap by developed country standards of course. We also went to a Thai restaurant called "Royal Navy Club" near the Grand Palace where we thought the food was average to bad.

The only street food we bought was fruit. A guy has a handcart with a cabinet full of different peeled fruits - watermelon, rockmelon, pineapple etc. which he then chops up and puts in plastic bags for you. Each bag was 10 Baht. But street food also includes noodle soups, barbecue:


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