Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Further Portfolio Changes

Following up on the post on changes to my Mom's portfolio. The bank suggested some more investments. Two funds of REITs:

UBS Global Real Estate Securities. This fund is very new and as far as I could work out has an expense ratio of 1.92%. As there isn't much of a track record one can't know if the high expense ratio is worthwhile. So I passed on this one.

AXA WF Frm Europe Real Estate. This fund also invests in REITs and has a high expense ratio but its track record shows that it has outperformed the relative index with less volatility. So I am recommending to invest in this one.

Then they recommended a bunch of long-only commodity funds. I do like the look of a UBS CMCI Composite Index fund. It invests in futures across a wide range of commodity markets and of different maturities. The track record is good relative to conventional indices and the expense ratio is low. This is a risky bet, so we won't bet much on this.

Bottom line is I am now recommending these two funds, as well as the convertible bond fund and the UK equity fund I discussed last time and GTAA and CHN. As a result, we won't invest all the available cash right away. The AXA fund is the only slightly attractive real estate investment I've come across through this process, so we won't go big into real estate. If we make these moves the cumulative effect on the portfolio will be:

A large move out of cash and a smaller one out of bonds and into mainly non-US equities, commodities, and real estate. This moves the portfolio closer to typical endowment style portfolios.

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