Sunday, June 26, 2011

New Watch

The bracelet on my old watch kept breaking - it was made of aluminium - getting it fixed cost $5 a time. So I gave up and bought a new watch made of steel instead. Both are Swiss watches - the new one was AUD 265, which is a bit more than twice what the old one would cost now (it was a metal Swatch). The new one is pictured here. I guess this is my take on frugality. I don't buy a new thing until the old one is effectively bust but I'm happy to spend a decent amount of money to get something of reasonable quality. I don't care at all what other people think of it, that's not a motivation at all. I'm only mentioning the latter because some personal finance blogs seem to argue that that is almost always the motivation to spend more than the minimum possible.

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Financial Independence said...

Hi there

Recently I made a quick inventory of durable goods we use. Every new (additional) item we buy - will require a replacement sooner or later, so better to start saving straight away.

At the moment calculation says it is 600 USD on average a month, just to maintain the same position.

That was a convincing argument on not buying any new stuff :-)