Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Moominvalley May 2011 Report

As usual everything is in USD. The AUD fell for a change to 106.6 US cents from 109.4 US cents. This reduced our returns in USD terms and increased them in AUD terms. World stock markets fell a little in USD terms with the MSCI World Index losing 2.06% for the month. Here is the summary account for May:

As you can see about a third of the investment loss in USD terms was because of the rise in the US Dollar. Expenditure was $7,753 because we spent about $A2,500 on a plane ticket to China for Snork Maiden. We spent about $A4,700 not counting the ticket which is OK. Net worth fell in USD terms by $24k (fell by $A9k in AUD terms) to $551k ($A517k). The rate of return was -5.27% in USD terms strongly underperforming the market. The return was -3.39% in currency neutral terms, and -2.80% in AUD terms. Almost all asset classes lost money with a particularly strong decline in private equity. allocation saw a small increase in private equity due to gains in OCP.AX. and a small reduction in Australian stocks due to market movements. Investment allocation saw a decline cash as well as large cap Australian stocks and private equity due to market movements and a shift towards all other asset classes.

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