Thursday, September 13, 2007

New Beginning

Today is Rosh Hashana, the Jewish New Year. It is traditionally the day the world was created. I know this is far from a traditional way to celebrate this day, but today we are on our way to a new beginning too.

Moving to a new country is like a minor form of death and rebirth. You break so many of your attachments to your previous country, get rid of many possessions and then squeeze what is left down into what can come with you through the metal tube in the sky. Then you pop out in a new country and start rebuilding. There are few people who have moved country as much as I have. This will be my second time living in Australia after my third time living in the US. I've also lived in Britain (3 times?), where I was born, and Israel. Snork Maiden is also moving to a country she has never visited. Each of us has done that before when we first came to study in the US. I was very nervous right before that first move to the US in 1990, wondering whether I had done the right thing. And though we've spent several weeks together at a time we haven't lived together longer term. So that is a new beginning too.

The art work above by the artist Yaacov Agam is titled "Rosh Hashana".


finance girl said...

cool art work; good luck with the move; you must be very excited about living together longer term with Snork Maiden?

new beginnings are so exciting! :-)

Adventures In Money Making said...

i was born in Britain too!

But I'm still jealous that you're living in Australia!

mOOm said...

Hi everyone: I'm now typing this comment sitting in our temporary furnished apartment in Canberra with the door open to the balcony on a lovely Spring Day with a clear blue sky and various Australian birds making noises (I was going to say chirping but only some of them do that - Snork Maiden thinks Cocaktoos sound like donkeys!). Just set up a wireless network and checking out connecting to the internet. At least with my Apple equipment that's no hassle at all.

Rafi said...

שנה טובה והתחלה טובה!