Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Symbion Health - Healthscope Merger Scheme Defeated

This evening (US time still) was the shareholder meeting to approve, or as it turns out reject the Symbion Health-Healthscope merger scheme. The scheme was defeated because Primary Health voted the 20% of the company it had acquired against the deal. 99.2% of other shareholders voted in favor. But not enough other shareholders voted for the yes vote to pass the required 75% threshold. I'm glad though that my little parcel of 4000 shares wouldn't have made the difference. They needed another 1.1% of the total number of shares to be voted in favor. But right now the stock is only off about 1/2% and Healthscope and Primary are both up. Healthscope and Symbion will now see if there is another way to do a deal.

Snork Maiden made it OK to Washington. Hopefully, everything will go smoothly at the Embassy in the morning. This is what credit cards are for.

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