Thursday, September 27, 2007

Do You Have a Chequebook?

Met up with a second friend (T) last night. He brought with him all my mail - I've been using his address as my address in Australia until we get our own. When we move in Friday, the phone guy should come and give us a phone number as well as installing a modem (phone over the cable TV system). When we have a phone number it will make sense to again change all our addresses. Most important mail was our ATM/EFTPOS = debit cards as well as a pretty much useless cheque book. I asked T whether he had a chequebook. He said: "My father does". Today, we will kick back into high gear on our move again. On the agenda is hiring a car again, converting Snork Maiden's international driver's licence, getting cash for our first couple of weeks' rent and buying some supplies. The last couple of days we have been relaxing and looking around town. The picture is of the National Museum. It opened shortly before I moved away from here before. The building is far more impressive than the displays. Some interesting aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander stuff. The rest was not very coherent and too humanities, political correctness driven. Not much science. If you knew nothing about Australia you wouldn't have much idea afterwards. Not sure who the audience is supposed to be. The day before we visited the botanical gardens and had a great guided tour. All these attractions are free and within walking distance of where we are staying.


Rafi (S) said...

I have a cheque book. Real useful for paying private individuals and other people who don't clear credit cards.

mOOm said...

Most of those people want cash in my experience.