Sunday, September 16, 2007

Terra Australis Incognita

For me it is a very familiar country. But Snork Maiden hasn't been here before. Both of us have done this before - move to a country on perhaps a permanent basis that we have never visited - when each of us came to study in the US.

Anyway, we were met at the airport by the guy Snork Maiden will be working for and a cab driver they hired, loaded all our bags somehow or other into his car - the trunk - or should I say boot - was open and another two jammed between me and Snork Maiden on the back seat. We are now settling into our temporary apartment on the university campus. I stayed in the same complex 11 years ago when I first came to Canberra. Snork Maiden seems extremely happy with Canberra and Australia so far and is recording her first impressions. Maybe I'll have some guest blogs from her.

* Terra Australis Incognita - the unknown southern land - was what early mapmakers called the supposed great southern continent combining both Antarctica and Australia. Eventually, explorers found that there were in fact two much smaller southern continents.

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