Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Last Minute Craziness

Snork Maiden got the e-mail this morning granting her Australia visa. But it said that the visa needs to be "evidenced" at the Australian Embassy. I phoned them and asked them what that means. They said: "she needs to send the passport in to get a label put in it". "But we're going to Australia on Thursday!" They told me she could do it in person at the Embassy in Washington between 9 and 11 am. So I booked her flight for this afternoon and a hotel for tonight and hopefully she'll get it all sorted out tomorrow morning. I was doing all this while her movers were taking her stuff out of her apartment. She only slept a couple of hours last night in a last minute rush to pack everything. Cost is around $1000 for this trip. It's good we don't live on the West Coast. The flight will be a direct 1 1/4 hours each way.

At my end things are a lot calmer. I'm having a big giveaway on Wednesday afternoon. I invited all the grad students in my former department to come take stuff. Wednesday night I'll be staying at a hotel a few blocks away. My landlord is very laid back. They just told me to leave the keys in the apartment when I'm done....

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