Thursday, August 03, 2006

July Report

Net worth increased by $13059 to $316,244. This is still about two thousand below the May high but a nice recovery. My retirement accounts hit a new high. The portfolio rate of return was 3.41% vs. the 0.71% gain for the MSCI. The biggest positive contributers were the rise in the Australian Dollar of about 2 US cents over the month and $4350 in profits from trading QQQQ. The most important negative "contributers" were Ansell and my Australian mutual funds. This month is a good example of my hedging strategy working with gains from currency and trading offsetting investment declines. Performance would be much worse if I wrote off Croesus this month. I plan to adjust the past figures when Croesus is finally presumably delisted assuming its value fell smoothly from the time of the initial trading halt to delisting. On the spending and saving side, my spending seems to be about $1700, which implies around $2700 in saving from salary and retirement contributions. I am surprised spending was so low actually. Maybe I amde a calculation mistake.

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