Friday, September 19, 2008

Lloyds Bank

In the UK, Lloyd's TSB is taking over HBOS. My very first savings account when I was rather small was at TSB - Trustees' Savings Bank - later when I was about 18 I got an account with Lloyds - I entered some competition where they gave a prize of £10 in a Lloyds account. That was my first ATM card too - this is in 1982 or 1983. I think I also had a savings account with the UK Post Office. My parents also banked with Lloyds and my Mom still does. I shut my Lloyds account around 1997 after moving to Australia. Anyway, so Lloyds merged with TSB. Apparently they also took over Cheltenham and Gloucester Building Society where my Mom has an offshore savings account. I was beginning to worry about the money in that account, but it's reassuring that it's part of what seems to be one of the UK's strongest banks. I think my parents had a mortgage with Halifax Building Society - I remember visiting the branch in our home town of Sutton - it had a very peculiar smell. Halifax became HBOS and now will become part of Lloyds too. So in the end most of our UK financial institutions have all been rolled up into one.

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