Friday, September 19, 2008

Margin Call Resolution

After a lot of rushing around faxing and phoning (I don't have a fax machine at home) it looks like we have a resolution to my margin call caused by the downgrading of EBI and EBB by CommSec. I am selling units in CFS Conservative Fund (all my non-superannuation units) and half of my CFS Global Resources Funds. Both of these sales will actually be capital gains, though off their best prices of course. This will about halve the size of my margin loan with CommSec to about $50,000. The downside of selling these funds is that they are marginable and so I need to sell a large amount to get back inside my margin limits. I would have to sell only about a quarter as much of my non-marginable stocks. But I'm loathe to sell stuff that is trading way below book value or what I think is fair value, which is the case for most of my non-marginable stocks and my other marginable stocks in fact like Challenger Infrastructure Fund.

A tip - CommSec said they didn't get my fax yesterday because I faxed it to the "back office" - the number on the redemption form and on the website - and of course there is chaos there at the moment. So this morning I faxed it again to the "front office". And then I phoned up to check they really did have it. So it's worth checking where to fax required forms to in an emergency.

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