Friday, September 19, 2008

U.S. Government Goes Insane

That's what it feels like. Bears won't be happy. UK stock market is up 9.3% at this moment.

In other news, I went to pick up my Mac laptop but when I got it home I found it hadn't actually been fixed at all. It's been lying in the storeroom at the Canberra City store for the last two weeks I think. In fact they didn't know where it was at first and phoned up all the other stores to see if it had accidentally been sent there. Outrageous.

I didn't hear anything on the outcome of my margin call. At least closing prices in Australia will have been a bit higher today. It's a shame that they decided to downgrade EBB and EBI and force me into selling something. I guess I should never be near the margin limit in case something of that sort happens in the future.

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