Thursday, September 04, 2008

Generous Move by Apple and Mac1

Just before I was going to reluctantly buy a new laptop - as putting a non-warranteed logic board that would cost about what my computer is worth into a laptop that already had two serious malfunctions didn't seem to make a lot of sense - Josh, who was the guy dealing with me at Mac1's Fyshwick branch, suggested that I call Apple customer care. I was a bit skeptical, but went ahead. Apple decided to make an exception given that I brought the computer in for repair on the day after the warranty expired (actually, now I think about it, the computer failed on the last day of the warranty on US time - which is relevant as I bought it in the US). Anyway, Mac1 will go ahead and repair it and Apple pay for it. Which is great news and very nice of them. Hopefully, the repair will last a decent amount of time, but even if doesn't I'm neither having to take that risk nor put up the money for a new computer right away.


Rafi (S) said...

A nice gesture and a smart business move. You blogged about it and they get free publicity and good will.

Anonymous said...

Good to hear! If this had been a Dell, your laptop would be in a scrap heap.