Friday, June 12, 2009

Coldest Day in 43 Years

A couple of nights ago it hit -6C here in Canberra which is near the coldest I've seen here (-7C). The record low for Canberra is -10C. And then today was the coldest day in 43 years with the temperature reaching just 4.1C at Canberra Airport and only 2.6C in Tuggeranong. I felt like I was back in America today :) Though of course the bad days in Troy NY were when it wouldn't get above -18C which was once or twice (and that was the coldest night time temperature I remember from Boston where I lived in 1990-93 and 1995-96).


Anonymous said...

That global warming is really obvious, isn't it?

mOOm said...

Yeah it's obvious just like the supposed high returns to stocks are obvious if all your investing life is since 1997 :)