Wednesday, June 24, 2009

We'll Call You (or Not)

I haven't heard back from the headhunter so I guess I wasn't shortlisted for an on-campus interview. The department I interviewed at before here just advertised four senior positions. I doubt it makes sense to apply after I was rejected for a more junior position but I guess that means the local hiring freeze is off.


Revanche said...

I don't know, might be worth the effort anyway. Perhaps there were extenuating circumstances in the other situation. [I keep wondering how much a bad day on the part of the interviewer/headhunter affects the rest of us. :)]

mapgirl said...

I hope they call you. Good luck on the job hunt!

mOOm said...

After my headhunting experience I figure the chairman knows exactly where I am if he is really interested in recruiting me. I walk past his department's building every day going to where I work now (on a one year contract I told him about).