Saturday, June 13, 2009


I bought a suit for my interview today. Only the second suit I've ever bought. We went to Myer because there are sales on. But the suit department was a bunch of racks behind the escalators there and nothing appealed to either Snork Maiden or me and there was no salesperson in sight. So we headed to David Jones next where there was a salesperson in the much larger suit department. I liked all the lighter colours and Snork Maiden darker ones with stripes preferably. She soon despaired of the process. So I phoned a friend who lives nearby whose taste I trust and I know has bought lots of suits. He came over and his first piece of advice was: "There are only two colors: Charcoal and navy blue". "What about lighter greys?" I asked. "You won't be taken seriously". Pretty soon I was trying on a couple of suits by Anthony Squires (the only ones in my size - I'm 6' 3" (1.9m) and around 108kg (240lbs)). They were both comfortable and both were originally priced around the $A1200 mark. The first one I didn't like so much and only had 10% off. I preferred the second one and it was going for $649. That's the one we bought. Alterations which should be done by Monday afternoon will cost an extra $34. We went and had some coffee with my friend and invited him to dinner this evening. Preparation now under way...

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