Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Headhunter Calls

I got a call from a "headhunter" today. That's a first for me, I think. The position is a full professor at an Australian University. They seem to think my profile fits the position though they'd need a pretty wide definition of the position if I'm going to fit in it. Well, it can't hurt to get more information. There are other academic jobs out there being advertised but I'm either under or over qualified or the fields within the discipline they have a preference for do not include mine. At this stage I don't plan to apply for jobs unless they are a good fit or are here at this university (where there are none at the moment). It's the same conundrum I faced in trying to relocate in the US. I'm overqualified for lecturer/senior lecturer positions (= assistant to junior associate professor in the US) which are most commonly advertised. But I'm probably underqualfied for full professor positions where they involve a signficant leadership/management role. And I'm not keen on that role. And those are the second most likely to be advertised. There aren't usually many ads for "Associate Professor" (=senior associate prof to junior full prof in the US).


Clifford said...

Based on my previous experience with Head Hunters, the second and third callers won't be far behind. It's like one finds you and then they all find you.

mOOm said...

I read the job description and criteria now and the university seem very ambitious about what they want this person to accomplish. OTOH I doubt there are many if any candidates in Australia who have a strong academic track record in the area they are interested in, which is I assume why they are reaching out to marginally related people like me.

I sent in my resume/CV now and will talk with the person who contacted me tomorrow. It will be good my info is on file with the headhunting firm I guess whether this particular job is relevant or not.