Thursday, June 11, 2009

Government Job?

I heard yesterday about a position in a government department here doing more or less on the public policy side what I do in academic research now. They want someone immediately as an internal transfer in the public service or on a contract basis, so my guess it is to replace someone. I have my current position till the end of February... The e-mail said that they may be wanting to hire more permanent positions in the near future. So I'm thinking to e-mail the guy in charge of the section who sent the e-mail and whom I know reasonably well and say I may be interested in those positions and that he should keep me in mind? My first preference is for an academic research oriented position. This would be a second best from my perspective as a long-term situation but it could be interesting as a shorter-term thing. In which case I should apply for the current position. But I don't need a job now and am in a contract to deliver something to my current sponsor. This whole job timing thing is a dilemma....

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