Thursday, June 04, 2009

Headhunting Progress

So I spoke with the "senior associate" from the headhunting firm that contacted me yesterday. She tried to downplay the rather ambitious job description and selection criteria, which make it seem like they want someone to solve all their problems, some of which I thought would be the role of the department head. She confirmed what I thought that there really aren't any people in Australia that specifically match the field they are interested in hiring in who have a sufficient academic track record. There are plenty of people working in industry in this area. The courses I can find online tend not to be offered by economics departments. They're in engineering schools. So while stating one area of interest they are trying to recruit people in related areas like myself. The next step is speaking to one of the partners of the recruitment firm next Friday.

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Rafi (S) said...

Today, more or less out of the blue I just got in the space of a few hours:
* A Linkedin invite from a headhunter (including details of a job they're trying to fill).
* A "latest news from" email from a software house telling me about how cool it is to work for them.
* An email from a friend who has just put up a new site for her careers guidance business.

Maybe I should take the hint...