Saturday, July 01, 2006

End of June, Finally :)

A calm day after yesterday. Glad this month is over. I lost money but think I have developed a tool that will make me a lot of money in future. So actually, maybe, it was a good month.

These are the average monthly returns of the MSCI All Country World Gross Equity Index over the last ten years:

January 0.20%
February 0.04%
March 1.02%
April 1.60%
May 0.17%
June 0.94%
July -0.66%
August -2.06%
October 2.20%
November 3.22%
December 2.34%

And here are mine:

January 1.13%
March 0.97%
April 0.11%
May -0.42%
June 0.55%
July -0.11%
August 0.41%
October 3.95%
November 2.85%
December 1.65%

I don't tend to do well in summer but do beat the market in July and August. I do very well in October too. At this point July is looking likely to be negative if I end up writing off Croesus Mining (around 2.5% of net worth). Will be nice to end up with a positive investment return.

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