Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Elite Trader

I have been a member of Silicon Investor for 8 years but only just discovered a site called Elite Trader today. Read an interesting discussion of Jim Simons' hedge fund. Don't know how useful it is in general but thought I'd just pass it along for those interested in learning more about trading.

Today, finally things seem to be going to plan trading wise. Much more relaxing. At this point it is looking like the rally continues all week long though there could be a significant correction in it around Wednesday.

4pm update - since 30 June:

Model: +6.8%
NDX: -6.5%
Excess Return: 14.2%

Trading Account: +2.9%
Excess Return: 10.0%
Capture of Model Performance: 70%

Am happy to be back on the positive side :) This is the revised version of the model. My account perfomance is as it happened. Excess return measures the difference between an account invested in NDX and an account invested in the model from inception. Excess return increases only when the model is correctly short.

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