Monday, July 10, 2006

Forecast Update

Currently my model is projecting Thursday as the turn around day in the market when a new uptrend will start. Of course this can change as we approach that date and new info updates the model. Am visiting in Burlington, Vermont for the last few days. beautiful weather. Went hiking to the top of the highest mountain in Vermont. We cheated and got a cable car to the top of the ski slopes. Then we hiked to the summit from there. After that though we hiked all the way back down to the valley bottom. Still sore :( Very steep and rocky descent involving lots of jumping down rocks and just the continual shock of taking my weight onto my legs in the descent. The ascent route involved a little rock climbing, some people were giving up and turning back but once you figured the route it wasn't too hard. It was rated DDD for very difficult on the map they gave out and there were lots of warning signs at the beginning of the trail to only try it if you were well prepared (we had no special gear was just wearing sneakers). From the top we could see right across the state from the Adirondacks in NY , Lake Champlain, and up and down the green mountains. May post pictures some time when we have them available.

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