Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Craigslist Works - Fast

Snork Maiden advertised her car on Craigslist at 4pm this afternoon and by 6pm she had a buyer! And this is for a ten year old Subaru in a state saturated with Subarus. Agreed price $3300. I think she paid $6000 about three years ago from a dealer.

At my end, I've now worked out all my address changes and did a few already online. Will print the ones requiring hardcopy letters tomorrow and send out. A couple of financial institutions didn't allow a country outside the US on their online interfaces. TIAA-CREF specifically say to phone them about that. Chase credit cards don't mention it, though they do have a link to enter foreign phone numbers! I may close the Chase/Amazon card anyway. I'm not using it a the moment and don't need 3 US credit cards. Also I no longer care about my US FICO score. I plan to keep my HSBC and Citibank credit cards for the moment. Of course, the best address change form was on the website of the Association of American Geographers (it had better be!). It even had the Australian states on the menu together with US ones and Canadian provinces. I probably won't renew my membership though when it comes due...

Otherwise, more stupid trading today (against the model). I don't know how much pain I need to suffer until I learn my lesson.

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