Saturday, August 04, 2007

Trying too Hard to Make Money

I'm still trying too hard to make money and end up geting into lower probability trades with too large a position and losing. This week my account has been swinging up and down erratically as I make money and then try to make more and instead lose more. But I feel like things are getting under control. At least I know what I am doing wrong. Alternative investments continue to be hit hard. On a more positive note, the movers came this morning. We had planned on doing a "priority load". First load all my boxes of books and stuff and my custom made desk and then see if another two pieces of furniture would fit in the dimensions of the lift van (the huge crate my stuff will be packed into that will be placed inside the shipping container with other people's lift vans. The guys decided they would and so we are plus one futon on what I thought we'd be taking to Australia. Of course I gave them a tip!

Snork Maiden said that one of her friends was impressed by how easily I walked away from my past - for example quitting my job and giving up on the green card quest. It certainly wasn't easy but I try to rationally decide what is going to make me happiest in the long-run and I think the plan we are now embarking on has more good possible outcomes than not doing it. Maybe my training as an economist helps. Many people seem to do things because that is what everyone else is doing or it is what they have always done up till now. Of course, in many areas of life it makes sense to use "rules of thumb" to make routine decisions. But the big choices in life are worth deeper thought.

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Paul Phillip said...

hey moom.

advice from the money maker i learned from is "if you are trying to hard to make money then just throw in the towell until next season.." believe me you save capital and better probability trades will come up and they will be like true love at first sight.

hope the visa thing gets better.