Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Tourist Visa

I got my tourist visa or rather "visa waiver" and am back in the US in Snork Maiden's town. They asked me a lot of questions and I showed them my outbound itinerary to Australia, my resignation letter etc. I was the last one back on the bus. That's a relief. When I arrived some Egyptian guy was waiting and he was still waiting when I left. Next step in the moving plan is dealing with all the administrative stuff like changing addresses with financial institutions etc. I'm thinking now to exit my apartment at the end of August (I'll give them some excuse about visas) and fly back here and then on September 12 fly back to my hometown - I have a hotel booked for that night there anyway - and then on September 13th fly out to Australia. The flight would be cheaper than rent and utiltiies for another month. We can't reschedule the flight to leave from here (Snork Maiden town).

On another note, volatility in the stockmarket has now declined to a level where I am much more comfortable trading again. It hasn't been a matter of the daily moves but the intra-hour volatility or intra-5 minute volatility even. Now it is much easier to figure out where the market will be heading in the next few minutes. I am beginning to try more trades and make more money at them again.

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Madame X said...

It's amazing how difficult all this visa stuff seems! Glad you're working it all out though...