Tuesday, August 07, 2007

EBI Management Ponder a Buyback

I'm not the only one who thinks this investment is a bargain:

7 August 2007


Everest Babcock & Brown Alternative Investment Trust (EBI)

EBI applies to ASIC for relief to conduct buy-back

Following the announcement of an unaudited net tangible asset backing per unit (NTA) of $4.06 as at 31 July 2007, the responsible entity of EBI announces that it is considering conducting an on-market buy-back of EBI units. It has today applied to ASIC for the appropriate relief.

As at close of 6 August 2007 the market price of an EBI unit was $3.18 being a 22% discount to the July NTA and EBI believes that a buy-back would be an efficient use of capital which would generate unitholder value.

Any buy-back is subject to ASX consultation, ASIC relief and potentially (depending on size) unitholder approval. At the time ASIC relief is obtained, the responsible entity of EBI will review the discount between the EBI unit price and its NTA and will determine its next course of action.


The current undervaluation started with the botched capital raising in April. The capital raising raised the desired funds but resulted in a loss of net asset value to those who did not participate. This included me - I wasn't allowed to participate because I was a foreign investor. The loss of value as a result of the capital raising was very unfair. The stock price plummeted even further. More recently as hedge funds have changed from being the investment du jour to being very out of favor the discount to net tangible assets (NAV) has widened considerably.

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