Saturday, August 25, 2007

Keep Losing Money

I seem to have developed something like a death wish regarding my trading accounts. I know exactly what to do, and then do the exact opposite. And keep losing money. I don't understand it, but something is emotionally wrong.

I know that I feel most comfortable going against the trend, being outside the mainstream and the consensus. It might come from being an outsider in many ways growing up. But this is a very destructive tendency in trading. Especially, going against the model I created myself! If I could stop this delusion, I could make a lot of money at this.


Anonymous said...

Pay someone to trade for you - a broker, for example. Or Snork Maiden. Just send them the signals.

mOOm said...

This ultimately might be what I need to do in some way... I was going well until June 30 and then all the worst behaviors returned. Coincidentally that was my last day officially at my job. This month so far is not quite as bad as last month. That's about the best I can say.